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Dear friends!

As my fan community and attention in the US is growing, I would like to welcome you to the English section of my homepage. It is small, but I promise that we will keep working on it. Let me thank you for ordering merchandise and for attending my concerts. Also let me thank my fellow Nashville Star contestants I made friends with and who now keep supporting me. I love you guys and I can´t wait to meet you again. Let me also stress that I never believed I could make it that far, playing with so many talented people at the local finals. You are so gifted and may the Lord bless you. For a guy like me this was an incredible experience as well as the Countryfied-tour that followed and the recording of my new live album in Oklahoma with all those wonderful musicians. During the recording I have been on several TV shows and it surprised me how many people recognized me on the streets afterwards. I made friends with a lot of them and shared a great time with them. I have been invited to baseball games, churches, Indian reservations, recording studios, weddings and concerts. The time in Nashville was outstanding and also in Texas I played some unforgetable shows. Well I just came back from the recent concerts in Hawaii and on the mainland and I was once again honored to meet a lot of new people, great musicians new friends.And I am so proud of my new album, the live record that I was able to produce in the USA recently. Thanks for ordering it, this means a lot to me!

You may have heard that I have retired from touring (just like my hero Garth Brooks) to sign an entertainment contract with one of America´s leading cruise lines. So at the moment I am performing every night on the seven seas, which is a great experience. Every now and then I try to play on the mainland as well After my 2007 contract in Mexico, Canada and Alaska I came to the US once again to play a lot of concerts and to meet many great people. I was so glad that I had the opportunity to perform at the Centennial Rodeo Opry again. I am very sad that my friend Grant Leftwich passed away. He has done a whole lot for me and my music. I visited his grave and I am sure that he is casting the country bands in heaven now. Some pretty good talent there, I guess. Also, the time at the Country Fever Festival in Pryor was unforgettable as well as the many appearances with Speedy West and his band. I was so blessed to come to Memphis again and to play with Rudy Williams, the Beale Street ambassador. I played with him seven years ago when I first came to that city. It was just like in old times. In Nashville, I was once again welcomed by all those friendly musicians and the people on Music Row, who opened their studios for me and invited me on their stages. Thanks for all your hospitality. I will be back, very soon, I can promise you that!

Before I get the opportunity to re-visit, I will go on another ship, though. I changed cruise lines and will now be playing in the Caribbean and New England for six months. So by all means, check my tour page and come see me rock the boat! I am really looking forward to meet you on board, great itineraries are waiting! 

God Bless,